Talk/workshop by Dafna Naphtali on live processing strategies for improvisation

Tuesday 18 February, 19.30h. Room 55.003, Campus UPF Poblenou (Roc Boronat, 138), free admission

Imatge inicial

To perform with live sound processing is to alter and affect the sounds of acoustic instruments, live (usually without the aid of pre-recorded audio), and in this way create new sounds, which in turn become independent and unique voices in a musical performance. In this lecture/demo, Dafna Naphtali will draw on her many years of practice as both an improviser, computer musician and sound artist, bridging the three areas into an aesthetic and pedagogical approach incorporating techniques drawn from acousmatic listening, psychoacoustics, analog and digital audio processing and an ear training method focused real-time predictions of a musical outcome.

Attendants are invited to bring their (acoustic) instruments to the workshop and participate hands-on.


Naphtali has written four articles on Aesthetics of Live Sound Processing are on New Music Box.  She is an active performer (just starting a European tour with percussionist Luis Tabuenca), and teaches Max/MSP and Electronic Music Performance courses at NYU, New School and private voice in NY where she is based.

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